Health – what does it mean to us?

What would you answer if someone walked up to you and asked “what does health mean to you?”


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5 responses to “Health – what does it mean to us?

  • Lisa Stahl

    I am a bit biased, being in the IT healthcare arena, but the personal side of me truly appreciates that health care documentation is in this century (or future), eg, meaning electronic, portable, and easily accessible. While I am not that old, or young (46), I have worshipped the magics of Star Trek’s medical bay, where they can scan your entire body and provide a health profile in 30 seconds. While we’re not to that stage yet, I think it is imperative that our health information be documented electronically and that it be available online 24/7 to healthcare practitioners around the world. Being that I know the technology exists, I expect it to be readily available should I fall ill on my venture to Spain. If I can carry my medical portfolio on my thumb drive, then it should be available on a national network, where it can benefit me and my healthcare providers, should it be needed.

  • txtisha

    Lisa, very well spoken! Health information should be as portable as our own bodies and the care that is out there – whether it be good or bad.

  • Donna Fitzgerald

    What is ‘health”? A state of absence of mental or physical illness?

    Personally, that is what “health” means.

    My question: Is Healthcare a right or a privilege? If healthcare is to be portable, is it one’s right or privilege to acquire and maintain access to this technology? What do these choices mean to Healtcare IT? Government regulation of Healthcare quality? Consumer regulation of Healthcare quality? Can both these exist simultaneously?

  • Tisha

    Donna, also good points. I had not thought of the “state of absence” side to the definition!
    Good question on the access. We talk about the community having access to healthcare – what does that mean? Does it mean that you get treated no matter what your financial state is? No matter what your health issue is (acute vs chronic)? No matter what your beliefs are? How do these areas or others play into your definition of access?

  • Donna Fitzgerald

    It also begs a definition of “treatment”. Does everyone get the SAME treatment, regardless of ability to pay?

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