Who is responsible for making the path?

As I read the news, the posts, the tweets, the articles, etc. I hear about how our government is taking over our healthcare. Since I work in healthcare IT I am especially familiar with the programs and incentives on the table with the new administration. Now I will fully admit that I probably don’t know much about how it affects true patient funds – the money that we, as a patient, will spend on healthcare or the money that the insurance companies will spend. I am probably clueless or just not aware of any¬† major efforts to form us into a socialized medicine state. I don’t like politics!!!

That being said I just have to express some other thoughts. When do we as Americans, those educated in healthcare – in the business of caring for the health of our nation – whether it be one patient at a time or the health of the nation as a whole – step up and define the path for healthcare? We know that there are people in government making decisions about everything in healthcare. I hear us sitting back and griping about this or that or the possibility of this or that. But are we taking any initiative or are we sitting here waiting for someone to tell us how it all falls out?

Well, I kinda think we are sitting. Even in healthcare IT we are all holding our breath to see what the requirements and regulations are and will be when they “come out” or “are announced” or “are published”. We pretend that we can’t fathom how we can start to plan these things ahead of time.

Ok, I ask, can we be logical? We know those things that indicate quality, performance, that get us the $$$ today. Can’t we take a shot at it?


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