Meaningful use and a just for bathroom reading….

This article has some interesting concepts/comments on the deliberation of the 25 quality measures. I find it interesting that they are considering how those measures fit into the technical benefit side – or, in other words, are the measures reflective of the intent – using an electronic record and decision support.

This next article is from a layman’s (journalist) perspective. He asked the question of what is the metaphor for the intent of the electronic medical record. He wants to be able to tell “Joe or Jane Everybody” what it is so that they understand the intent or benefit. He’s “having a hard time of it” – to use my Texas slang. Hmmm… maybe his frustration is close to mine when someone asks me what I do for a job….

This one I find interesting but will refrain from any comments lest people think I have a political opinion. 🙂


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