A new turn on the path…

After starting this blog way back when I let it slip this past year – just couldn’t spend the time on it and my interests were blooming elsewhere last year. Now I’m thinking of getting back into it… So here is a new start on the path. I want to focus more on how healthcare information technology (HIT) affects, benefits, and interacts with the public – you and me.

There are many ways that I see it as having an impact on the public. There seems to be a triangle going on – how it helps the care of the individual, the community, and the clinician. All of these play together and are not separate – they feed each other. I’ll start us off with a couple of links to give you some quick benefits:

This link leads you to a graphic – which is also good for sharing – to visually show you the 10 benefits of HIT as established by Internet Innovation Alliance. The focus covers all of the three aspects that I mentioned before and a few others that sometimes seem more relevant to some people – for instance, efficiency and cost savings.

The second link is from the National Journal and talks about how the increased coverage of broadband in the US can benefit healthcare. What I found interesting is that there are dollars being invested nationally and in some states to tie the increase of broadband with the delivery of HIT services. My latest discovery is the state of Arkansas which is very well into the process of helping their state achieve goals tied to broadband, healthcare, and the HIT sectors. More on that topic to come…




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