Principles for health information exchange

Found via AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality), this Markle presentationn gives some quick information on the view of the public and the clinical providers (physicians) as to the principles for personal health information protection.

The poll shows opinions that are very close. What I find interesting is that the public finds the sharing of information less important than the physicians. Personally, I find this to be very important. With my own health care complicated and my experience with my father’s extremely complicated health it would be ideal for the flow of information to be more streamlined. While it is important to verify information at each visit to confirm any changes, it would be wonderful when you see a new doctor or specialist for them to have your basic health information and history. In emergencies this information could be vital in the case of unconsciousness or any inability to respond.

Another point that I found interesting is the lesser importance to physicians for measuring the progress on healthcare quality and safety. With so many of these measures now tied to dollars it would make sense for them to be more interested. In addition, I would like to know how my healthcare or my family’s healthcare compares to the average – of course, we would all like our healthcare to be above the average.

The AHRQ website is full of information – both for the patient and for the general healthcare community.


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