Start up technology companies engagement with providers and patients

Found this article on Zite today about new technology startups partnering with providers and patients. With the start of the article it states that healthcare may become more personal. It also mentions that the new technology could contribute to this in that the technology may provoke more patient engagement. The author (Jennifer Greenway) uses the word that Donna Cryer of CryerHealth brought into being – operationalization – with the quote

“patient engagement in action looks like shared responsibility between patients (and their families if applicable), health care practitioners (the entire team: surgeons, physicians, nurses) and healthcare administrators (providers of the infrastructure and payment models) to co-develop pathways to optimal individual, community and population health.”

I just keep saying YEAH and WOOHOO to this approach or belief in patient engagement increasing. But when Hubby and I had this conversation about where healthcare is going for the future he disagreed with me on the topic of it being a consumer based system in the future – that providers would be dependent (really a stronger word than I want to use) on the choice of a patient to utilize their services. His view is that with the reform going on now and continuing that we as consumers will have fewer choices and will be told who we can utilize for services and which services we can have. As I said, I disagree and really hope that is not the path we are on. What do you think?

One of my favorite foundations, Robert Wood Johnson, has Project Health Design and Ms. Greenway notes

Witnessing the extraordinary outcomes achieved by interdisciplinary teams of researchers, technology experts, clinicians and patients participating in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Project Health Design engagement for development of tools to be used by real people to improve their health, better engage in their care, and enhance communication with their providers, why can’t we accelerate this innovation two or three-fold?

I have to agree – why can’t we?



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