Is your healthcare or provider a QUALITY provider?

Do you know the quality rating for your local hospital? Or have you just heard from friends and family how wonderful or horrible it is? Did you know that you can find out what their quality grade is? It is public information at I recommend that you take a look.

So if you do know or have heard from others how good or bad your local providers are how accurate do you think the quality score is versus the word of mouth information? How many of you ask a friend in the healthcare field their opinion on healthcare providers? I am in the field but I always reach out to my friends working in healthcare locally before I make decisions on where or who I bring my healthcare business to.

This recent article on the secrecy present in our healthcare systems brings up some very real points. I have seen them firsthand. We have programs, policies, and checks in place to make our healthcare delivery safer but what happens to that provider that consistently makes mistakes? Honestly, I don’t see a lot of discipline or sharing of the poor quality to the public. Usually, the discipline only takes place at the licensing level and it has to get pretty bad or shared publicly before that type of discipline happens. Of course, there are venues where this information comes out but it isn’t directed to the public.

And the author has a very good point – how about the very basic human mistakes? I have worked in healthcare since high school. I’ve made human mistakes. I’ve learned from them. It is always a scary, embarrassing situation. But, again, we are human!

Tell me your thoughts and experiences!!


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