Do YOU Own YOUR Health Data?

I’ve been following the “ownership” of patient health care data for probably over 12 years – since I started full-fledged into healthcare IT – that’s at least how long those in the industry have been talking it over – and over, and over, and over. So it was much to my surprise to come across an article that laid out who owns the health data – you or the provider or the healthcare company.

I was even more shocked to find that there are states that will not release your own health data from your physician/healthcare system without a court order!!! Wowser!! Won’t see me moving to South Carolina or New Jersey or visiting a doctor there unless I’m in a life or death situation!

But you are in luck if you live in New Hampshire – you own your data according to “Revised Statutes of the State of New Hampshire 151:21”  So yup, I would definitely be comfortable their having MY health data.

If I counted right, then 27 states have no laws on ownership, so its a toss up…

And then my own state of Texas – to my shock and horror and almost pissed-off-ness –

Medical records may be owned by a physician’s employer, including include group practices, professional associations, and non-profit health organizations.

That word of “may” tricks me up…does that mean they “may” give me a copy without that court order like South Carolina wants or they “may” decide they don’t want to give them to me? Clarity, folks, clarity!!

So here is the infographic/map if you want a quick look… but thought you might find this a little interesting. What do you think of your state’s laws or lack of?

health data owner

Courtesy of this great article!


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