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20 Likes and an announcement!

Yesterday the blog hit 20 likes! What a start!   

Additionally, I started back to school yesterday! It was not a planned start – just something that had been brewing in my mind on the back burner on low heat. Since I already have a master’s degree in information systems I decided to work toward adding a graduate certificate in public health. Now I am not sure exactly where it will lead me but I am confident that I am on the right path.

So what is the good news about all that for you? Well, I’ll be doing a LOT of research so there will be a LOT of things to share with you! AND I’ll look forward to engaging you in the coming discussions!




A quick intro and “howdy”, of course.

I wanted an opportunity to comment on the world around me -as I know it. Not politics, per se, – not religion – not all the more “touchy topics in a crowd” stuff.  Granted I have opinions on those things but wanted a place to talk about what I know best – healthcare information technology. More and more recently I have found that, while the job is great for collaboration, there still seems to be a need for me to just chat about what I see as my opinions, interpretations, and the funny “can you believe…..!!!”.  And I can’t wait for others to join me in the discussions.

So my friend Pam has introduced me to a brand new world of blogging and the more journalistic side of myself. All that being said, I am very excited to start down this path of fun, work, and probably rounds of humor!

Come on, join me! Let’s see what we can talk about, laugh about, and then we’ll have a beer!

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