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Are you rating your doctor or healthcare experience on a survey?

Do you receive an automated survey after a visit to your doctor or other healthcare provider or service? Personally, I haven’t but in this recent Forbes article it points out that there is a serious trend for using these automated surveys for reimbursement & even clinical provider salary decisions.
The article points to what I’ll call over treatment & what insurance has called unnecessary testing for years. It seems that we have two opposing trends here. Concern with the unnecessary treatments is 1) lack of reimbursement from insurance that leads to possible increased patient financial responsibility – patients paying what the insurance won’t cover – 2) loss of revenue to the provider or facilities and 3) as the article primarily targets, the outcome of the over treatment of the patient – increased clinical issues such as more hospitalization, higher morbidly & mortality rates, and what I would call increased secondary effects such as side effects or symptoms/issues that are new.
If you do respond to the survey did you expect it to change how you are treated in the future by that facility or provider? If you have a food experience are you more likely to respond to the survey? Or is it only when you have a bad experience or a phenomenally good experience?


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